General situation of United Department

The Chinese communist party committee in our college pays high attention to the united work, adheres to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three represents"as a guide, it implements the scientific concept of development, holds all forces that can be united and mobilizes all positive factors to spell. In order to speed up education and teaching reform of the school and promote the construction of harmonious campus, and realize the leaping development, the department conscientiously implements documents spirit.
Under the leadership of the party committee, the United Department positively mobilizes various democratic parties and independents and solidly develops the united front work. United front work at school has had obvious achievements and got the approval and recognition of all aspects. Minister Li Heng Yong has been awarded the advanced education worker by the party committees and administrative for many times.

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Addr: the second floor of administration building in Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities,No.1 Qianyi Road ,Duyun city, Guizhou province